Here …I can stay

The diary is one of the places where I get to be my self.
Is a warm place, full of silence.

also abysmal.
Necessary abysmal.

Where I can stay at the required temperature…

miami theater's  exhibition -poster image
miami theater's exhibition -poster image

Sometimes there is only nothingness, then I have no words.
But then… beats anything around me

(about the pictures: there is always something lurking…)

la sal-galleria paolo tonin-   Turin/Italia
la sal-galleria paolo tonin- Turin/Italia

I never imagined that this rather intimate diary, were to be read by many people and these people were so generous, so positive towards my writing … so I want to say thank you. hopefully I can be really useful. that makes me very happy. Thanks again for taking your time to look kindly small corner of my diary …

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