2006 Les annèes toscanes – Galería Fernando Silió. Santander.

Es a partir de la instalación o del ready-made. que Pilar Cossio piensa realizar desplazamientos inéditos y emocionantes: de la realidad al sueño, de lo visual a lo mental y viceversa. Al final ella descubre esas secretas afinidades de los seres, para lo cual le da la vuelta a la sintaxis y a la semántica habitual del objet que investiga. Y que siente.

However and beyond appearance, another feeling may be sensed. Something so untouchable and inexplicable as the provisional and at the same time eternal union of conflicting elements, fragile alliances, which above all, endure and survive, creating new unions and discovering secret and amazing affinitiesThe artist very easily copes with any of the modern languages (ready-made, installations, l’object d’art, collage, photomontage…) with which she has formed an experience that moves our sight, our metaphoric vision of the world.

Lott Vernier.