Mes: octubre 2010

2010 Cassorati (homenaje). Comune di marentino. Turín, Italia.

In J.-B. Pontalis’s written work, he knew how to recognise in “sexual fetishism”, more than an aberration of love, its secret , In this way, therefore the fetish justifies the adoration , in the same way that the supposed primitive adores his own in virtue of the mysterious powers attributed. In other words ,in Pilar … Leer más

Art gallery huge Spaniard Pilar Cossio in Ashrafieh world saturated Pegraibip daily (, 2010)

yqdan altqy Institute Trvants lives in Beirut and the joint cooperation between the Spanish Embassy in Lebanon, Bank Audi, a major exhibition of fine Spanish artist Pilar Cossio, entitled «Dream» at the Villa return, Achrafieh from 28 current and to the twenty-ninth of October. Major exhibition includes drawings, photographs, equipment and technical elements are interesting … Leer más