To Pilar Cossio, from Pedrocchi’s coffee in Padova, Italia. of Paolo Fresu. Jazz musician

The concert at the Caffé Pedrocchi ¡n Padua has just finished. It is a normal Thursday evening ¡n the middle of a week leading up to Christmas. Amidst all the decorations and the aristocratic marble that surround me, my mind turns to Pilar Cossío and what I am golng to write to her over the … Leer más

Destinazione Sconosciuta / Destino Desconocido. Paolo Fresu 1992

Destinazione sconosciuta Anni passati in interminabili ore di viaggio. Occasioni per frecuentare l’itimità dei pensieri e cercare il senso del movimmento. Gli incontri, le riflessioni, le immagini, i suoni e gli odori, vissuti disordinatamente nelle lunghe ore che separano le partenze degli arrivi, diventano realtà trasformando l’ordinario in sogno. Il movimiento in alone la stanchezza … Leer más

A work built on trajectories. Javier Hernando

There is a repeated presence of certain icons in Pilar Cossio’s work. The rhinoceros, shoes, planes, cities…. Icons which refer to the historic avant-gardes of the twentieth century: Sironi, Podsadecki, Kollar; or the great Durero to start with. Besides The same figure frequently reappears in different works, as though that chosen image, within the possible … Leer más

Danzar. Daniel Soutif

Muchas de las obras de Pilar Cossio se caracterizan porque sobrepasan el límite del cuadro. Esto es lo que sucede en sus trashumancias, donde los rinocerontes se escapan de la tela en la que parecen haber nacido para después invadir toda la pared en la que han sido colgados. Una fuerza incontenible se diría al … Leer más

Danser. Daniel Soutif

DANSER / DANIEL SOUTIF Nombre des ouvres de Pilar Cossío ont cette singulière propriété de sortir de leur cadre. Ainsi en est-il par exemple de ces rhinocéros dont le troupeau «Transhumant I et II» s’échappe de la toile où il semble avoir pris naissance pour envahir toute la paroi sur laquelle elle est accrochée. Une … Leer más

Dancer. Daniel Soutif

Many of Pilar Cossio’s works are characterised  by the going beyond the limits of the picture . This is what occurs in her –“Transhumances 1 and 2”  where the rhinoceroses  escape from the fabric where it seems they were born  inorder to later invade the wall on which they have been hung. An  apparently uncontainable … Leer más

The Feeling of the time. Francesco Poli. Turin 2000- Italy

THE FEELING OF TIME After a long period characterised by the realisation of collages, Pilar Cossio returns to the two-dimensional light painting made of several layers in its background; animals -emblematic rhinos- whose fascinating shapes string together creating a sequence of continuous superposition. The interlocutor’s implication in singular strategies is possible due to the artist’s … Leer más

Il senso del tempo. Francesco Poli. Turin, Italia 2000

IL SENSO DEL TIEMPO Pilar Cossío, tras un largo periodo caracterizado por la realización de collages, vuelve a la pintura, bidimensional, hecha de «estesuras» delicadísimas como fondo, animales -rinocerontes emblemáticos- cuyas formas fascinantes se concatenan cre¬ando una secuencia de continuas superposiciones. Una vasta labor exploradora de la artista, tanto conceptualmente como en lo que a … Leer más

Dock memories. Juan Manuel Bonet

Pilar Cossio, the constant nomad, always on the move with her water-colour paintings, drawings, notebooks, travelling from Fíorence to Turner’s London, the docks, Battersea Power Station, through Egypt and the deserts of Jordán, her native Santander, Naples, Sar-degna, a snowcovered New York, the both possible and impossible city of Madrid, to whioh she always returns … Leer más

The memory Zoo Park. Enrico Comi. Milán

Enrico R. Comi The memory Zoo Park. Human beings in the labyrinthine memory zoo park mixes love pains colours the artist –alchemist metamorphoses annuls and ties (totalises) in death and in Eros(heroes) within the crystal sphere of painting Pilar Painter…Pandora… She seeks Eurydice and Ophelia and another … and the white swan in the salt … Leer más